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Our Story


In early 2012, Tony Nguyen was honeymooning in Hawaii and sampling the local cuisine. While enjoying a garlic shrimp rice plate, he dunked some of the prawns into a spicy hot sauce and had an epiphany! Eating fresh seafood had always been associated with special occasions, why not make seafood more approachable and affordable by serving it between two slices of bread?

Back home Tony and some good friends began developing a sea to sandwich concept using local and sustainable seafood named after the sea creatures of ancient Greek mythology.

Tony and Anthony Tran co-founded SuperNatural Sandwiches, which opened on October 31, 2012 at a San Diego Farmer’s Market. By 2015, SuperNatural Sandwiches opened its first brick and mortar location in Miramar and received San Diego Magazine’s Best Sandwich Award that same year. SuperNatural Sandwiches is now on a mission to bring seafood delights to everyone in SoCal and beyond!

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